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Imaginative digital engagement for arts and culture

Combining technology, creativity and collaborative design to bring diverse audiences together for deeper, more playful engagement with arts, culture and science.

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World-leading organisations partner with Thought Den

Thought Den client logos: Tate, National Gallery, Natural History Museum London, British Museum, Natural History Museum of Utah, Smithsonian, Roundhouse, Southbank Centre

Collaborative, human-centered design and delivery

Big challenges, little steps

Workshop the early phases of concept development to explore inspiring examples, define constraints, create a shared vision and build rapid prototypes to test with end users.

Multi-disciplinary magic

Your shortcut to a tight team of planners, designers, artists and engineers dedicated to beautiful diagrams, clear copywriting, compelling mechanics and popping graphics.

Robust technology

From scoping million-dollar immersive experiences to a single touchscreen for international touring, via big screen games, custom-built hardware and remote support.

You might know us from projects such as...

  1. The Bumper Immersive R&D Deck - Curating the best in high- and low-tech cultural immersion - images and stats of the big immersive installations, from Atelier des Lumieres and Connected Worlds to London's Frameless
  2. The Critical Action Lab - experiments in community action - This US-based collaboration between national science organisations combines inspiring films, multiplayer games and live events to support teens taking action on climate issues in their communities.
  3. Save Your Stream! - Family fun in Utah's best museum - A short, sharp and super-fun game for touch-tables and mobile that challenges families to work together to protect their water supply
  4. Total Darkness - Remodelling science engagement for the Science Museum - An online adventure game and one of the first projects under a bold new strategy for engaging young people and building their confidence in science skills.
  5. Magic Tate Ball - Unlocking the archive for the Tate - A pioneering mobile app, critically acclaimed around the world for the playful way it connects casual art fans with Tate's collection. The app uses live contextual data like date, weather and location to match an artwork to that particular moment in time.
  6. Capture The Museum - Celebrating the space with National Museums Scotland - A live-action, multiplayer game for museum spaces, designed to welcome a new generation of visitors into the building and provide new revenue streams for arts and culture organisations.
  7. Design in a Nutshell - Sharing the knowledge with OU - Combining a series of beautiful animations with a multi-platform interactive to demystify six key design movements, sparking dinner table discussion, social sharing and over 1.4 million engagements for Open University.
  8. Bobbie Vanchez

What they said

I'd particularly like to express my admiration and praise for the way the whole project was managed and for the creative vision and execution. It's been great working with you all and I've enjoyed the shared journey enormously.

Clive Hilton, Open University

I've been so impressed, from start to finish. Ours was a particularly challenging brief and Thought Den responded with intelligence and managed the project with sensitivity. An absolute pleasure.

Josh Blair, Science Museum

Their creative solutions to tough problems kept things moving throughout production - not to mention their positivity and sense of humour!

Hannah Flynn, Tate