A decade of playful learning

Play takes many forms and the following is a selection of different shapes and sizes from 10 years creating games that do more than entertain.

Ministry of Sharing

A quirky concept, beautiful animation and tactile arcade-style game emploring players to take care when they share.


Rewrite Shakespeare’s best bits for the 21st Century to be matched with one of Shakespeare's alleged co-authors. Are you his trusted confidante or an outright faker?


Tasked with finding fun in the science of pain, we collaborated with students from The Langley Academy to create a rapid-fire strategy game we're very proud of.

Mammoths of the Ice Age

A small and well-formed job for one of nature’s largest, long-dead mammals. No mammoths were harmed in the making of this game and animation double-whammy bringing fun facts to life for a family audience. 

Who Do You Think You Were?

This HTML5 web-app was built to promote a blockbuster exhibition - 15,000 plays and 2,000 tweets in four weeks isn’t bad for Elizabethan portraiture. 

Artist Rooms: The Game

Featuring hundreds of internationally renowned artworks, this game lets players create their own 3D gallery, scoring points in various challenges that mimic those faced by gallery staff.


Bristol's world-renowned wildlife charity wanted an educational mobile game for families so we created a character-driven, pass-and-play mechanic to unlock stunning photos of the world's most endangered animals.

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