Thought Den Industry Day

A professionally led day long seminar for students to experience the running of a digital agency and explore the roles they might fill when they enter the media industry. Download the TDID guide (pdf).

30 students. 8 hours. 4 briefs. And 4 newly formed digital agencies teeming with talent ready to take on 4 unique briefs…

It’s nothing like the usual uni schedule and combines lectures, brainstorming, pitching, delegating, budgeting, organising, drinking too much coffee, swearing you’ll never work in media again, with the final realisation that it’s an exciting and challenging business out there!

What’s it all about then?

The Industry Day is an 8 hour session (with breaks!) for students on creative and technical media courses. Imagine a series of high-energy seminars, lectures and workshops aiming to give the students an idea of the project life-cycle out in the big bad world.

The workshops are all underpinned by a range of established brainstorming techniques, group dynamic exercises and open discussions on everything from client handling, through to people management, the importance of attention to detail and how to make the most of the skills at your disposal.

How the day unfolds

A typical schedule of the day would follow these lines

  • Welcome & Introduction: aims of the day
  • Skill-group breakdown: Strategy, Management, Creative & Technical
  • Define the brief: open brainstorm for Clients and Platforms
  • Formation of 4 digital agencies, drawing from the 4 skill groups
  • Agency brainstorm, complete Pitch document
  • Production of proof of concept & presentation assets
  • The Showdown: each agency presents their ideas & prototypes

Why it’s such a success

The Industry Day is a unique and exciting way for students to learn more about their skills, what they’d like to achieve during the rest of their time at University and explore the challenges and rewards they’ll face should they choose to enter the media industry.

Creative Director Ben Templeton and Technical Director Daniel Course are young, dynamic and very enthusiastic about what they do so they quickly develop a strong relationship with the students. Ben has been running theory and practical workshops at Bournemouth Media School for the past 3 years, along with drama workshops for children and singing workshops for all ages.

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Case Study: Bournemouth University 07 May 08

Read about each agencies’ brief and the 4 blog posts they were required to produce over the course of the day

Agency 1 :: Half Full’s blog and brief for Guinness

Agency 2 :: Super Beard’s blog and brief for Apple

Agency 3 :: Ear Muff’s blog and brief Ann Summers

Agency 4 :: Team Jesus’s blog and brief for Roman Catholic Church