Our pervasive acorn, will big things grow?

We’re not trying to bite the digital hand that feeds us, however a few questions are being raised as to whether the time is right to start producing pervasive applications for the real world?

Is handset technology at a ripe state to start picking at the branches of Bluetooth, Wifi and GPS? For example, when you look around in the street do enough people have the N95’s ‘always on’ WiFi, or the K750i Sony Ericsson’s Bluetooth, let alone GPS. It’s possible lots of people’s phones probably have their extra connections powered off to preserve battery?

Moving on from worrying about the technology, how about the human controlling each device? Are we going to find that certain social demographics are completely unable to fathom the concept of Bluetooth and end up not having access to the extra services?

However a lot of great things come from really challenging a technology until it pushes social and technological change, as an example the Internet started out incredibly slow, so sites like Youtube would have melted British Telecom with-in seconds. Through pure demand however, the Internet has pushed technological changes increasing bandwidth, allowing to socially alter how people spend their evenings and free time.

In respect of the demographics knowledge it seems Ben’s younger cousins spent Christmas Bluetoothing their content to each other, music, videos and pictures, generally anything they can fit into their phones. Where-as our friends in their 20s regularly swap around silly pictures and naughty naughty videos. Even generations who normally fit into the “can’t program my VCR” at my Barbershop Chorus aren’t afraid to swap their learning tapes around on Bluetooth.

So if we start pushing the technology with Happy Packages and have enough solid partners both commercial and research, could we change the face of Pervasive media? Only with some of the Blue-sky ideas and solid concepts we’ve been imaganeering, things are really really getting exciting. It just seems starting blocks for the Pervasive Sandbox are perfectly timed and we’re about to start something exciting in this age. Especially when people are so keen to enjoy new digital ideas like Facebook, USB Missile Launchers or TV over the internet…

Thought Den and Mobile Pie are now very keen to cultivate that acorn.

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