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Dear Spotify,

I love the app. But imagine being presented a plate of all the lovely cakes in the world under a big dark cloth (#272727 to be precise), and the only way to get them is to tell the butler which one first. It’s difficult to start scoffing’, because,
a. the butler doesn’t know you yet
b. I don’t know all the cakes in the world and can’t see them under the cloth
c. to go look in my cake cupboard for all the cakes I already like will take ages and isn’t worth it
d. mmmm cake

From the first time I loaded up the app, I would have loved a box or a tab to help you start finding all the music you dream of. Except it’s a bit of a bottleneck to expect people to find all my best music through a text search box. Music means so much more than can be expressed through text and I’d of loved some big buttons to help me go explore. I’d of loved something to transfer all my music choices from previous players so I didn’t feel the music I’ve been buying for 5years or so hasn’t been wasted…

It would be great if there were more tabs to help inspire what music you’d like to find. Like,

– ‘Import’ your iTunes Playlist
– A genius device (finds similar music)
– Changing hourly recommended or random songs
– Featured Artists
– Use Latitude to discover what music people are listening to around you! (that would be cool, privacy nightmare, but cool!) We could build that at Thought Den.

That way I wouldn’t have spent my first few precious days deciding if I liked Spotify only listening to French rock, razorlight and the energy saving trust.

I love the app.


dan course

Thought Den.
technical director
07790 13 83 23

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“we are the energy saving trust”

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2 Responses to “Open letter to Spotify”

  1. Andres Says:

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the nice post and great suggestions. One thing you could do right away is hook up Spotify with a account to get recommendations, more info about that can be found here:

    We also hope to have more features like you suggest built-in in the near future so stay tuned!


  2. Dan Course Says:

    Nice stuffs and cheers for the reply! It’d be good to see more tabs & tools letting us explore all the stuff you’ve collected.


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