Let’s play a Christmas game!

We’re in the *very* early stages of developing a Lunar Lander style game at the moment, and as a special Christmas treat we thought we’d spend a LOT OF TIME skinning a 24-hour prototype we made with some Christmas stuff, and then let you loose on it!

Pilot your tree™ (using the arrow keys), collect all the presents and land back at the family home so that you don’t ruin Christmas for the McGuyver family! Careful your tree™ doesn’t run out of…fuel.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Any thoughts (or massive congratulations on this technical feat) in the comments please 🙂

(The rocket SFX is everyone in the office making a rocket sound together. This is high budget stuff).

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2 Responses to “Let’s play a Christmas game!”

  1. SJ Says:

    How do you start the game? I’ve downloaded Unity Web Player, there is a happy family showing in the middle, and I can see a large arrow, but not what it is pointing at. I’ve tried to do full-screen, but the screen just flickered and went back to normal screen within my browser (I’m using Firefox). Any thoughts? It’s probably my computer.

  2. George Rowe Says:

    In some browsers you need to click on the Unity window, and then simply plus up to launch the tree!

    Bit late now I know. Sorry!

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