Field Research, part 3, Distance

Today we checked the distance we can deliver our content from when broadcasting from a raised position in the office.

Happy Packages Long Distance

It was cold and windy and I was lucky enough to get out there… on my own… all scared and watching people around me getting sent the Bluetooth file as well.

The 10m USB Bluetooth dongle outperformed itself greatly and managed to discover and send up to 20m!


5 metres – found device & sent


15 metres -found device & sent


25 metres – found device & couldn’t send

Then in the interest of going a bit old-school with our thinking we decided to back the dongle with wrapping foil…


grow up – completely failed…

Another successful day of freezing cold technical testing! Soon we’ll be looking at better transmitters which are portable and have a much wider range.

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  1. Tc Says:

    Nice offices! Glad the testing went better than expected, I love the tinfoil, even if it didn’t help.
    Keep up the good work.

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