Field Research, Part 1, Chased by ‘fanny’

Wow, what a lovely day it was Wednesday the 30th!

So not a good day for Thought Den and Mobile Pie to stay in, and as such we headed out into the big wide “real” world to do some initial Gopping tests.

We mainly focused on a few areas around town Fountains, KFC, Galleries and the Watershed (for drinks) in the hope all these areas would pull in splendid results like, every-one accepting the file we bluetoothed to them and then bought us drinks ‘cos we were so clever.

How-ever, to the contrary we found that not many people checked their phone when it beeped at them, even less people accepted the transfer and we felt like everyone knew we were spamming them. Drawing the conclusion, if people don’t know there’s something coming over the airwaves, they’re not going to expect it or even pick it up.

We’re not so bothered though, as we know that Bluetooth campaigns need to backed with lots of P.R (Pervasive Relations) and after counting about 200 Bluetooth devcies, we know a market’s out there.

As a side note how-ever we did find that…

– change the filename to ‘free-sandwich-voucher.gif’ and people will grab for it
– a Bluetooth device named ‘fanny’ kept following us round Broadmead and we now strongly believe this is the first instance of Bluetooth stalking
– Tom is very good at gopping girls
– some-one called Chan didn’t hesitate to accept a pic called ‘sexy-g.gif’


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7 Responses to “Field Research, Part 1, Chased by ‘fanny’”

  1. Jim Hill Says:

    Um.. I just thought that you should check out the “Urban Slang” dictionary to see what the kids on the street think “gopping” is…

  2. Dan Course Says:

    blimey, brings a whole new meaning to gopping girls

  3. sdc Says:

    Glad to see you are getting out more……
    This is all so exciting!
    (I would have gone for the sandwich voucher)

  4. Joe Snow Says:

    Hey fellas,

    Fanny is always one step ahead

  5. Phil Wilson Says:

    Isn’t this exactly the same as email spam along the lines of renaming your 2k virus-running .pif file to naked-britney.avi?

    I’d hope to see mobile operators stepping in to warn about viruses and malicious software when you accept a transfer from an unpaired bluetooth device.

  6. Dan Course Says:

    The day was really aimed at testing to see what’s people would expect to accept via. Bluetooth, so the re-naming was more to measure what is more acceptable to send.

    There’s a lot of study going on in Bristol/Bath about how people would prefer to interact with Bluetooth technologies, namely with HP Labs & Cityware. I agree, that blindly accepting a file doesn’t seem the best way to handle communication and some sort of interface/manager would be a great idea.

  7. Dan Course Says:

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