Brave-art: a tale of Scottish innovation funding

March 20th, 2012

If a painful familiarity with the 6 Nations’ Wooden Spoon is anything to go by, you’d be forgiven for overlooking Scotland when it comes to digital innovation hubs. But Hadrian’s Wall delineates more than a penchant for sheep entrails; as the money pots of England dry up in these austere times of tightening Tory purse-strings,

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A new Sandbox in the Den?

June 9th, 2010

You know when you’re moving to a new house. There’s always that list of new bits you need to go buy, scrounge or ‘borrow’. Things like Cabinets, Poncy Coffee table, Cupboards and there’s no doubt that you’ll be missing all your table-spoons. Well our list after the recent secret move of the Den could do

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igfest mayhem!

September 22nd, 2008

One of the best weekends of the summer! Absolute chaos, such fun and that rosy glow of satisfaction at having done something different for a change. Simon Johnson’s igfest kicked off in spectacular fashion with Journey to the Centre of the Night, a game involving over 170 people who were emailed a secret location on

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Happy Packages gets lost in the Post…

July 3rd, 2008

It could’ve done cos’ the last time you saw the team we were hugging and drinking 9k’s worth of champagne at the final MediaSandbox Event. Well here’s where we’re at… The Team have been ripping the research apart and putting it back together in the form of the Pervasive Campaign machine ready for investment. Though

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Re: Pervasive Weather (where’s Facebook gone?)

May 15th, 2008

I’ve been carrying out some very ‘in-depth’ studies into social network usage over our short-lived British Summer, and realised I’ve been using Facebook a lot less. Apparently my ‘phone-losing house-mate‘ hasn’t checked hers in a few days too and it raised the point relating to my pervasive weather post. We’re more likely to interact with

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Happy Packages lives on!

May 9th, 2008

It’s been hard-core few months, as you might tell from the other blog posts and mediasandbox…a lot of fun, inspiring, challenging, and more than anything this project has opened hundreds of doors for everyone involved. A realisation dawned this week that we really are operating at the forefront of the pervasive media industry…things break, people

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Gopping the underage…

April 21st, 2008

A strange thing happened outside the office last Wednesday. Oceana runs an under 18 night, and out of the blue came hundreds of kids shrieking and laughing. So rather than commenting on the youth of today, the price of cheese and other such things, we tried out some Bluetooth gopping with out the support of

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