Dan kicks table leg. Dan appears in The Guardian.

99 accurate forex trading system Is there no limit to what this boy will do to appear in print!? From the bleeding edge of technological advancement comes the story of one boy’s quest to…destroy a table. And for some reason a national newspaper, The Guardian no less, thought it worthy of page 3 in their staple lunch-break supplement G2.

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quotazioni forex tempo reale www forexsicuro com analisi fondamentale html The story focuses on the recent abuse the NHS has recevied from right-wing American policy wonks attempting to derail Obama’s health reforms. Mr Course chipped into the Twitter hashtag debate (#welovethenhs) with his own heart-warming story from the NHS operating theatre. With fond memories of  being lovingly nurtured back to good health in the bosom of our revered state-funded health system, he recounts in 140 characters the unfortunate lead-up to his injury. Needless to say he won’t be toe-punting any table legs in the near future. Or missing any more snowboarding trips, we hope…

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2 Responses to “Dan kicks table leg. Dan appears in The Guardian.”

  1. Dan Course Says:

    see http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2009/aug/13/nhs-twitter-defence

    seroquel overnight delivery Made it online too =)

  2. Rutger Says:

    Best binary option broker 2017 second Haha! that’s awesome! :D

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