Asking girls for their number

Cor’ what a night, Thought Den had their first Bluetooth and phone gig on Friday the 4th of July up at the RNCM (Royal Northern College of Music) in the Whitworth Gallery and we came away with at least 120 phone numbers! I’d like to pretend we didn’t ask but I’m afraid we needed too, just look at my photo…

Dan Blueoothing at the RNCM

We were handling a specific artist’s piece tasked with making everyone’s phone in the gallery ring with the same ring-tone at points though the evening. Our stand was set-up in the gallery’s front entrance to take advantage of anyone with their phone on them.  As soon as they were through the doors they were Bluetoot’d out a regal Trumpet solo to their device(s) and then asked to set it as a ring-tone and leave it on the loudest setting they could handle!

It was then we started grabbing numbers…

“I promise to call later”, “I don’t normally ask so early on Sir, but could I grab your number?”. Clare (iShed Director) got it down to a tee… and we all managed to pull in enough numbers.

Then at 4 intervals through the night we called every last number in our digital black book. The effect was crazy, some phones went off together, others at staggered times and then some didn’t have reception, people had put it back on vibrate! We reckoned we probably overloaded the local phone cell towers with too many numbers at once!

The final part of the gig was a ‘Party Box’ which passed out Calendar dates for upcoming RNCM events, the Box Office phone number and some User Generated Content of Videos and pictures throughout the night.

Party Box 1

Aside from our digital performance, I was totally bowled over by the sheer quality of musicians that the RNCM fosters, I was lucky enough to listen to a few stunning performances of Ravel’s arrangements and then some very good/interesting/crazy interpretations. One of most moving pieces was a Titanic orchestration where a mini group played a low and dark round of the Titanic score with an ice sculpture of the boat in the forefront as it slowly melted away through the night.

Big big thanks to iShed Clare for sticking with it all night and getting involved with all the people’s phones and also for putting up with “Geoff-07″ (a Phone name) who kept on popping back to see her… also to Sam Machin who organised the Online phone calling and has filled us with ideas for another Soco viral. So officially, Thought Den Bluetooth is now open for business.

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