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With collaborative design at the heart of our process, Thought Den helps world-leading organisations use technology to bring diverse audiences together for deeper, more playful engagement with arts, culture and science.

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Tate — Science Museum

You might remember us from projects such as...

  1. Save Your Stream! - Family fun in Utah's best museum - A short, sharp and super-fun game for touch-tables and mobile that challenges families to work together to protect their water supply
  2. Magic Tate Ball - Unlocking the archive for the Tate - A pioneering mobile app, critically acclaimed around the world for the playful way it connects casual art fans with Tate's collection. The app uses live contextual data like date, weather and location to match an artwork to that particular moment in time.
  3. Total Darkness - Remodeling science engagement for the Science Museum - An online adventure game and one of the first projects under a bold new strategy for engaging young people and building their confidence in science skills.
  4. Capture The Museum - Celebrating the space with National Museums Scotland - A live-action, multiplayer game for museum spaces, designed to welcome a new generation of visitors into the building and provide new revenue streams for arts and culture organisations.
  5. Design in a Nutshell - Sharing the knowledge with OU - Combining a series of beautiful animations with a multi-platform interactive to demystify six key design movements, sparking dinner table discussion, social sharing and over 1.4 million engagements for Open University.

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